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Learn how to create an Autobahn Security account

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Ways of creating Autobahn Security account

Create an organization

Create account via invitation

Ways of creating Autobahn Security account

There are two ways to create your Autobahn Security account:

(1) Create an organization via the sign-up page and become the Owner of that organization; and

(2) Get an invite from an Organization Owner or Admin to join their organization.

Follow the steps below to learn how to create an Autobahn Security organization.

Create an organization

Autobahn Security has three different roles, one of the roles is Organization Owner (Owner). When creating an organization, you will be granted the Owner role.

1 - Open the Autobahn Security website and click the Login button on the top right page.

2 - On the Login page, click the I do not have an account yet button, and you will be directed to the Sign-Up page.


3 - On the Sign-Up page, input your email with your business email address in the Organization email field.

It is important that you are the owner of this domain since it will be automatically added for scanning and, according to the Terms of Use, using Autobahn Security’s services is only possible for/on assets owned by you or registered in your name.

 4 - Fill the First name field with your first name.

5 - Fill the Last Name field with your last name.

6 - Fill the Organization Name file with your organization name.

You cannot create an organization name that already exists in Autobahn Security’s database. If your preferred organization name is already taken, please pick another company name, e.g. if ACME is already taken, make it ACME Limited, or ACME Official.

7 - Click the Industry field and select your company’s industry. If your company industry is not available in the list, select Other from the list.

8 - Input your phone number in the Phone number field. This field is optional, you can leave it empty.

9 - Click the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy hyperlink to read Autobahn Security’s terms of use and Privacy Policy.

10 - If you agree with Autobahn Security’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, click the Signup button. You will get an email to set up your password. Please note that the password link will expire within 5 days. If you have not activated your account after the link is expired, you will have to sign up again.

11 - If during the sign-up process you realize that you already had an Autobahn Security account, you can go back to the Login page by clicking on the I have an account button. Once clicked, you will be redirected to the Login page.

Create account via invitation

You can create your Autobahn Security account if someone invites you to their organization. After they invite you, you will get an email to join the organization.

1 - Open your email

2 - Click the Set up your password button to create a password for your account.

Once you logged into your Autobahn Security account, we recommend you check this page to learn how to utilize Autobahn Security features.